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Vogtlandanzeiger on 07.10.2009: Waste not, want not.

Herold Maschinenbau GmbH | Invest anti-cyclically reads the company’s strategy / Severe criticism of education

Despite the crisis, entrepreneurs Helmut Herold wants to expand the area of ​​its engineering firm to double

Despite the crisis, entrepreneurs Helmut Herold wants to expand the area of ​​its engineering firm to double

PLAUEN – The building is simple and functional. Inside the doors open automatically and silently.
On the way to the consulting room and lounge, the visitor passes by modern beverage dispensers, his gaze falls on the entrance to a disabled toilet.
Welcome to the Herald Maschinenbau GmbH in the industrial area Neuensalz.
Whether owner Helmut Herold that views initially described as a luxury, may be doubted. Much more comfortable than his company philosophy, good work to appreciate with just such conditions.
On Monday, the members of the Economic Development Committee had the opportunity to look at the not-so-new production site and learn about the company’s situation at first hand.
History dates back to 1923 some of the Plaueners will remember to the seat of the family business in the Stresemannstraße. And this is exactly where Herold starts his short excursion into the past. Because actually started, the company history in 1923, when grandfather Albert Herold founded a tool grindery for embroidery needle products. And already here arises parallels to today. “My grandfather has that crisis survived by quality work,” says the current CEO. A few years after the war, the father continues operation, starts with a turning shop. In 1988 Helmut Herold, to date an employee of the development technology of the Plamag, should take over the company. But it should last just one more year in which Herold orderly conditions can enjoy. “Immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall our products were no longer saleable,” he remembers. “We had to re-orient ourselves very quickly.”
Start-up capital 200 D-Mark He bought the object in the Stresemannstraße with a starting capital of 200 D-Mark and with the distance of 20 years, he knows that in this way no company can be founded today.
In the following years he invested over 3 million Euros in machinery and manufacturing. Shortly after the turn of the millennium it is clear that the company needs to expand.
By new building on a “greenfield” in the industrial area Neuensalz is started in 2004.
And apparently Herold has nothing been done wrong.
His conceptual approach: You need to invest counter-cyclically, prepare themselves in difficult times for better times. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall we never distributed profits, we kept all in the company, which is why we are currently liquid, describes Helmut Herold, what the vernacular means under “waste not, want not”.
And that’s why he thinks now acutely about the recent expansion of the production area, deals with new fields of mechanical engineering and renewable energies.
Components for machine tools and presses, the Herold Maschinenbau GmbH previously made – an industry that was and will be shaken particular from the current crisis. And that’s why the boss makes no secret of it that his company is not an island of bliss. In the beginning of this year had to be completely closed for three months, a part of the 50 employee’s works short – knowing that they are the first getting re-employed in order stabilization.
Fruits hang very high “In mechanical engineering, the fruit hanging very high”, knows Herold, “there may be a good machine ever cost more than a million euros.”
In recent years he has invested ten million euros. This has paid off in the literal sense, because since 1991 to 2008, sales doubled in great regularity every four years.
And now? A new hall complex is to be built. Not just any small extension, it is expected to double the area of 24,000 square meters at present to 48,000. And it turns out that the building is indeed simple and functional. Because of the modular design the administrative wing can be easily increased. The fourth hall ship can arise without having to interrupt production. “The current plans are strategic in nature”, explains Herold and once more falls the concept of counter-cyclical investing. Because in times of crisis it’s cheaper to get machines and work performance inclusive the material than in the “fat years”.
In a short time at the customer Herold knows that his location is white hatched and that’s why reported as an unfavorable position on an industrial Atlas. But he also knows that the way to its customers claimed a maximum of two or three hours.
So what’s the problem? With his optimism the company boss stunned even seasoned committee members. “The orders have gone back by half, 30 percent of employees had to be laid off temporary, but I see the crisis as conquerable”, Herold is convinced. No Problems? “The skilled workers are leaving”, he knows from experience. “Although we pay our apprentices on the tariff, the best rely after apprenticeship in direction for former West Germany. But he particularly criticized the school system. In 2005 we had 205 applicants, finally two were suitable, says Herold.
“What the students learn in school a disaster.”
Business tax decreases and explains this on an example. “If someone has no spatial imagination and failed in the basic arithmetic operations, I cannot entrust him a valuable machine for hundreds of thousands of euros.” As an “emergency measure” Herold has now found an experienced colleague aside each trainee. He is of course also aware what belongs to the council in times of crises. “We were always good business tax payers, that’s just drop by” he draws attention to failures in orders of magnitude. That this is going to change again soon, in the case of his company, the agile picture-book entrepreneur has however, no doubt. (tp)

Freie Presse on 07.10.2009: Herold Maschinenbau GmbH is sticking to expansion plans.

Company wants to secure an option to purchase adjacent property – Decision in November

PLAUEN – Also the economic crises don’t pass the company Herold Maschinenbau GmbH without a trace. Nevertheless, Helmut Herold exudes optimism. The good economy of recent years will pay off now. “We have never distributed profit, but always reinvested or paid off loans. Our technology is up to date – and paid off.” Soon the manager will therefore invest and increase its production facility in the industrial area Plauen-Neuensalz. He has enough space for it, when the city extended the contract, which entitled him the rights to the expansion area next to his company site.
The contract for the option to purchase the 24,000 square meter site runs out at the end of this year. “But we need the space, even if we do not build right now”, assured Herold overlooking several million euros future costs. To substantiate his plans, Helmut Herold had invited the Economic Development Committee on Monday and gave an insight into the history of the company, which was founded by his grandfather in 1923. Even from the actual situation he makes no secret. The family business produces components for printing and machine tools – two of the hardest hit industries. 50 percent drop in orders, compulsory redundancy, short-time work were the consequences. In the first quarter of the year, all bands were completely stopped.
95 Prozent der Aufträge waren im Januar weggebrochen. But now a recovery of the market is emerging. “Our company is placed securely, even in these times”, says the CEO. He remains faithful to the company philosophy: Counter-cyclical investments have made the company emerge stronger from some crisis. Therefore the management plans a doubling of the production area by another 6,000 square meters in about three years. In 2004 the company moved with currently 50 employees from the Stresemannstraße into the new building in the industrial area Plauen-Neuensalz. Medium term, the entire production will be moved to the new location. There are two ideas for the terrain in Plauen city center as it can go on. Sale or own new use. As a further leg to stand on, Helmut Herold has already renewable energies in view. For that he needs space. In November the city council decides on the extension of the call option. (From Claudia Nolte)

Vogtlandanzeiger on 20.05.2006: Anniversary - faster on blue trails

Herold Maschinenbau GmbH invests on the anniversary 5.5 million euros in new production

Herold Maschinenbau GmbH built a new lightweight hall in the commercial area Plauen-Neuensalz/Nord.

Vogtlandanzeiger vom 20.05.2006_Jubiläum - Auf blauen Wegen schneller_neu

In the commercial area Plauen-Neuensalz/Nord the HEROLD Maschinenbau GmbH built a new lightweight hall

PLAUEN – Grow with innovation, so the credo of the company Herold Maschinenbau GmbH in Plauen. The company is not only growing in terms of sales. Every four year, since foundation in 1991, the company could double its sales and had a turn over around 10.5 million euros in 2005. Among the customers are renowned printing and machine tool manufacturers, for which the company Herold designs, produces and mount system components.
The new building, 100 x 60 meters, is divided into four bays and is equipped with modern building technology. This starts with the ventilation system and reaches beyond internal communication up to the shed roof, which realizes economical the lighting cost. “Such a roof is expensive to buy, but saves in the long term energy costs”, Helmut Herold is sure. Even with the machines and tools lays Herold a lot of emphasis on quality, durability and high maturities. Almost all machines are electronically networked with the manufacturers. By remote diagnosis of availability of the machine up to 95 percent is achieved.
Optimized workflows, advanced logistics, product test stands, results the customers can retrieve themselves, as well as flexibility in the extension and improvement of production are other factors that contribute long-term to reduce costs, as well as the blue ways, according to the latest scientific findings, on which one you walk faster as on different colour ways. At present, the Herald Maschinenbau GmbH employs 85 employees, thereunder 12 apprentices. With the new hall, the final stage is far from being reached. On the one hand the existing complex of 24,000 square meters on the plot can be extended. On the other hand, the company has reserved 22,000 square meters land, so that the production area in the industrial area on the Motorway A72 – Plauen-Ost can be extended to 15,000 square meters in total. –scin

Freie Presse on 18.05.2006: Anniversary - Company moves into new production hall

Herold Maschinenbau GmbH produced after millions investment now in the industrial area Plauen-Neuensalz/Nord

Freie Presse vom 18.05.2006_ Jubiläum - Firma bezieht neue Fertigungshalle
Yesterday big moment for the Plauen Herold Maschinenbau GmbH: 15 years after the founding of the company, the new company domicile was inaugurated in the afternoon in the industrial area Plauen-Neuensalz/Nord. With the comprehensive investment of 5.5 million euros, the company is expanding its production area to 6,000 square meters. Until now, in production halls on Stresemannstraße were only 2,000 square meters available. “It had become much too narrow. Now we can expand our customer base and our expertise as a systems supplier, tackle new tasks and additional products”, rejoiced CEO Helmut Herold. The 85-employee strong family business has been dedicated to the development, manufacture and assembly of components for printing presses and precision assemblies and components for machine tools.
Herold worked here, among others for the Koenig und Bauer Group, one of the world’s largest press manufacturer, and the machine tool builder StarragHeckert. StarragHeckert just awarded the Plauen plant the contract for the development of a new generation of systems with which workpieces with high load can be moved quickly and precisely. “The order is ground-breaking for us because we care so an own product from the idea to production and service”, rejoiced the 32-year-old CEO Ralf Herold, son of the company founder.


In addition to the new building, the company intends to hold on its previous company headquarters in Stresemannstraße close to the centre of Plauen.
“In the past few years we have invested there and currently we are developing a reuse concept”, Helmut Herold said. And should there be sometimes not enough space again, is there made a provision. In the industrial area on the motorway A72-Plauen-Ost – another area has been reserved, so can be expanded the production from the current 6,000 to up to 15,000 square meters.

Freie Presse on 05.02.2005: Companies make pressure – Education location Plauen

Entrepreneurs round at the mayor – Topic: Plauen as an educational site.

On the one hand Plauen as an educational site had to be more attractive; on the other hand the vocational academy must be secured in their existence: In this agreed the CEOs and the city government in a roundtable discussion at City Hall. Representatives of the six companies, Narva, Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik, Sachsendruck, Plauener Spinnhütte, Herold Maschinenbau and Hydrauflex had accepted the invitation of OB Ralf Oberdorfer (FDP). As stated in a press release of the city, Kai-Uwe Groß CEO of Sachsendruck and president of the City Marketing presented the Association as a multiplier and coordinator. “For us businessmen it’s very important that our employees indent themselves with their location. Only in this way we will be able to keep skilled workers and winning new one.”, Groß said. (räch)

Freie Presse on 02.11.2005: Economic Developer – Local Business grows

77 percent of the territory in the industrial area Plauen-Neuensalz/Nord is marketed. Last year, different than in previous years the trend was upwards.
(From Lutz Kirchner) Eckhard Sorger, economic developer of the city council, is optimistic on marketing free territories in industrial and commercial areas of the city. “This is also an opportunity” he assured. For example, last year, a 46,000 square meter area in the area Plauen-Neuensalz/Nord, could be brought to the company Herold Maschinenbau. About 77 percent of the available for industrial development areas in Plauen-Neuensalz/Nord are thus brought to the man. Soon the logistics park in the north of Plauen also stands ready for settlements. In the periphery of the machine tool manufacturer Wema particularly smaller automotive suppliers could establish. From near of the larger machine tools factory, which operates in this field, companies could benefit, so Sorger.

Vogtlandanzeiger on 12.03.2002: Company tour – Kurt Biedenkopf at HEROLD Maschinenbau

Yesterday, few weeks before the end of his tenure as Minister President of Saxony visited Kurt Biedenkopf three midsize companies in Plauen and spoke afterwards to entrepreneurs.
In terms of the Sternquell Brauerei, the Sachsendruck and the Herold Maschinenbau Biedenkopf was extremely interested in the technical details and impressed by the career of the companies.

Since he has completed itself an apprenticeship as a turner in the years 1943/44, Kurt Biedenkopf (centre) could quickly talk shop with Horst Härttrich (left) on a modern grinding machine at Herold Maschinenbau, at the right side the boss Helmut Herold. (Photo: Marco Penzel)

Since he has completed itself an apprenticeship as a turner in the years 1943/44, Kurt Biedenkopf (centre) could quickly talk shop with Horst Härttrich (left) on a modern grinding machine at Herold Maschinenbau, at the right side the boss Helmut Herold.
(Photo: Marco Penzel)

Since he has completed itself an apprenticeship as a turner in the years 1943/44, Kurt Biedenkopf (centre) could quickly talk shop with Horst Härttrich (left) on a modern grinding machine at Herold Maschinenbau, at the right side the boss Helmut Herold.
(Photo: Marco Penzel)
PLAUEN-“I’ll even take care of these things after April 18th”, said Biedenkopf at the evening overlooking the economic development of Saxony.
On the question, what he had decided on his future, he had answered our newspaper on the edge of the visit at Herold Maschinenbau: “Something like this is not decided, it develops.” Obviously impressed by the example of the rapidly developing technology with its engineering company Biedenkopf said, investment in machinery and in the knowledge of the employees are an important source of success. The basis is again a good education in the country. “So I’m always going to take care of.”, promised the prime minister.
Helmut Herold, the grandson of the company founder, took over the Auerbach company which manufactured lathes and turning machines, in 1988. Then came the German reunification, Herold was left without orders. “We started with an operating capacity of 200 D-Mark, not imaginable if we would have had 400”, reported the entrepreneur. He found new customers and today he manufactures complex components for printing and machine tools. The workforce grew to 56 employees, sales per employee reached 156,000 euros.
“This is a pan-German peak”, marvelled Biedenkopf. “Yes, here we are trying to make the best of it”, Herold called his motto. In the evening Biedenkopf held, at the invitation of the Business Association of the CDU, in the “Schalander” of Plauen brewery a speech to entrepreneurs. Following individual problems and projects were discussed, to which the outgoing Prime Minister wants to take care of. (mp)