Herold Maschinenbau

Production Potentials

HEROLD MASCHINENBAU GmbH has created, on the basis of decades of experience, modern machinery and progressive management, the basics for high performance with an outstanding quality. On this basis, precision parts, assemblies and components are developed, manufactured and assembled.

And … those are the facts:

  • You stand in the focus of our activities with your visions and wishes for the future.
  • More than 45 employees work at successful solutions for your product.
  • With the headquarters in Plauen in Vogtland Herold Maschinenbau is a system supplier of products, machines and equipment.
  • More than 55,000 manufactured systems and assemblies have proven themselves worldwide since 1991.
  • A quote of deny of less than 0.04 percent is a challenge and daily goal at the same time.
  • Quality and on-time delivery are our key USPs in global competition.
  • Our common goal is enthusiastic users => for each individual product.
  • The key to the success of Herold Maschinenbau is the high responsibility for our products and the associated thinking ahead for future applications.